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Choosing glasses: why it’s best to involve a professional

Choosing glasses: why it’s best to involve a professional What to consider – and who can help – when you’re searching for your perfect frames Optometrist helping a customer choose a pair of spectacles When a friend dropped into my practice for a new pair of glasses recently she remarked…

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The Dangers of Night Driving and What to Do to Reduce the Risks – Hayes Eye Clinic

Night driving can be a fascinating and freeing experience. The roads are quieter, the air is cooler, and the world takes on a different, somewhat mysterious beauty under the moonlight. However, night driving does come with risks, particularly when it comes to your vision. As an eye clinic, we understand…

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Protecting Your Children’s Vision This Summer

As a parent or guardian, you naturally want what’s best for your child. And that includes their vision. Dealing with poor eyesight can affect their development, interfere with their education, and potentially even affect their safety. But is a child’s eyesight more sensitive than adults? Do they need more regular…

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